June 24


YES, that is what it looks like. Our container has arrived and much of Monday was spent unloading it and transferring it to the new office. We are fortunate that we don’t need our conference room for a while since a large part of the shipment went there as a staging area until we can check the machines out and move them to intended destinations or into storage.

In the afternoon we travelled to Mafinga Seminary, a secondary school under the auspices of the Catholic diocese. They have made application for acceptance into our program, and we will work to find a sponsor for them during the remainder of the year. It costs about $5,000 for us to completly install a new school – hint, hint, hint.


The seminary is beautiful and quite large. All the churches put a great deal into education here, particularly this Catholic diocese. Until the government can open (and adequately fund) enough secondary schools to handle the rapidly growing needs, private church schools will continue to be a big part of the educational opportunities in the country.

Since we had spend so much of the day with the container, our travel had started late and we found ourselves coming home after dark. It was a truly terrifying experience, and I am not sure if Barbara will ever talk to me again. The worst part is passing the pedestrians who are totally in the dark, black in color, and dark of clothing – and they tend to walk right on the edge of the tarmac. It is hard to understand how there are not multiple deaths every night as you swerve to avoid 5-ton lorries hurtling at you in the center of the road with their lights on bright. This is an experience I commit to never repeat.


Tuesday afternoon Mama Zenda had a going-away party for Barbara and me at Iringa Girls. Actually it’s tough to do much with the school closed, but they so want to show their appreciation that they had an event anyway. It is quite heart warming how appreciative most of the people are, and their commitment to education is really inspirational.


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